Pet Parents

Pet Parents

Written by JaimeKristal Lott

Need the purr-fect place to pamper your pet? It does not have to be the dog days of summer for you to show your fur-baby how much you care by checking out this article!

Pet Parents, it is time to pamper your pooch and give your gecko a little “me time” at the spa. While animal companions have helped human mental health during the pandemic, having to take care of us has given them some added stress. So now is a great time to show your fur-baby, feathered friend, or scaly progeny just how much you care. 

The best place to begin is at Tyrannosaurus Pets where you can find everything you will ever need for your companion of choice. If you are looking to get a new member of the family you have your pick of puffer fish, chinchillas, hedgehogs, gargoyle geckos, dart frogs, blue tongued-skinks, macaws, lovebirds, and various creepy crawlies (I am not entirely certain if the hornworms are a pet option or pet food, but I suppose that is up to you). If you are looking for something a little lower maintenance than a canine, you could do a trial run to see how you handle keeping coral or even a cactus alive as you can also find those at the store too. 

Should you already have the amphibious or furry love of your life, you may want to pop in to the shop to have your bird’s beak looked at, give your reptile a hydrating electrolyte soak, or have your kitty’s claws clipped. Best of all, you can pick up a harness for just about any animal that can fit through a pet door while you are there. After purchasing a snazzy new leash, some toys, and even a pack of reptile-shaped Haribo candies for yourself, you can head on over to the Riverfront Trail to take your gerbil or ferret for a walk along the scenic pathways. 

Do not forget to stop by The Brake Room when it is time for a beverage! Order online with their new app and pick up a cappuccino for yourself and a babyccino for your (human) tot, as well as some aqua for your panting pet while you rest at their outdoor picnic tables. While The Brake Room does not have any doggiccinos on their menu, they have stocked up on wide pet-sized cups that are perfect for hydrating your pup or bunny after a jog. 

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