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The Brake Room

Today: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
34 Dundas Street East

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The Reviews
  • Steven “Goober” Kazavchinski “Adam spent a good chunk of time helping set up my new gravel bike to ensure that it's a proper fit. The place is really cool and has an awesome vibe. Staff are friendly and care ...”
  • Amanda C “Little corner coffee shop in a bike repair shop. Had a cold flat white with oat milk. It was quite refreshing since it was a hot day. Strong taste with a touch of sweetness. Definitely a ...”
  • Dan Awadalla “A breathe of fresh air. I was so pleased to discover the Brake Room! Amazing customer service! A beautiful coffee shop and lisenced craft bevies!?! Wow! Best of all, experienced bicycle experts giving friendly advice to ...”
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