Our Bylaws

Bylaws serve an important role in how our organization is governed and operates.

The BDIA has three levels of governance – The Ontario Municipal Act, City of Belleville Bylaws enacting the BIA and then, finally, the BDIA procedural bylaws. As the previous BDIA governing documents were more than 24 years old, it was time for a change. The Board created bylaws that are reflective of our community and based on “best-practice” bylaws recommended by the Ontario BIA Association.

A committee of the Board of Directors was formed and completed a comprehensive review of those best practices & local requirements and new bylaws were developed. On March 11th, 2019, Belleville City Council formally approved our new bylaws.

Click here to access the Municipal Act. The part that directly references BIAs is 204 to 216 but note that any references to governance around local boards also applies.

A copy of the approved bylaws and the confirmatory letter from The City of Belleville may be found below.