Wake Up & Go

Wake Up & Go

Written by JaimeKristal Lott

Nothing wakes a body up better than a bit of sunshine and fresh air! Spring is here and that means we can enjoy the outdoors again. 

The best time to exercise is first thing in the morning, and nothing will get your blood pumping like taking a jaunt along the Riverfront Trail. If you live in the north end of town, you can start in Riverside Park; for those beginning from the south, Victoria Park is the thing. 

If you are desiring breakfast on the run, zip through the alley leading to Front Street directly across from Crepe Escape. There you can grab yourself a delicious Morning Swiss, Breakfast Française, or French Toast crepe before continuing on your walk! 

Take a turn to the east on Bridge Street to pop into the Quinte Corner Café as they have an intriguing selection of hot beverages with names like Irish Sunriser, London Fog, and Bullet Proof to go along with their usual coffees and teas. If caffeine is not your cup of tea or the day is already warm, ask for a smoothie! (Be sure to check the ingredients if you have any nut allergies, as a couple of options have cashews and seeds). 

The best thing about the Riverfront trail is how close it is to numerous cafes and places of business. Get out of your office and take a stroll on your lunch hour to rejuvenate those creative juices you will need to finish your workday. 



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