Uptown Funk Styling in Downtown Belleville

Uptown Funk Styling in Downtown Belleville

Guys & Gals Hairstyling, soon to be known as Uptown Funk Styling, has been a staple at downtown Belleville for years. Currently run by Julie Dean, the salon buzzes with activity throughout the day. Julie’s energy and positivity are infectious.

Julie skillfully goes about with her job as her customers share stories with her. Her cheerful and personable demeanour invites these interesting little conversations. Julie is currently in the process of expanding and reworking her business premises.

For Julie, one of the main reasons why she loves running her business in downtown Belleville is the community. She talks fondly of the warmth within the community and the fact that people in the downtown core always smile and greet each other. The community is very accepting toward new people and Julie feels at home here. “They’re like family to me,” she smiles.

The transition from a vintage-themed salon to a younger brand with a vintage touch was inspired by Julie’s growing business while the new name is inspired by a Bruno Mars song. Julie’s face lits up as she talks about this song, it is her ‘comfort song’. She listens to the song every time she wants to lift her spirits or feel inspired. Thus, it was only fitting that the song inspired her business’s new name. ‘Guys & Gals’ will still be a part of the full name of the salon, as Julie mentions that regular customers who have been loyal to her salon have certain nostalgia attached to the original name and have talked about how they wished the original name was not scrapped altogether. Julie plans on naming her salon Uptown Funk Styling for Guys & Gals, thus giving a nod to the salon’s legacy.

With her business growing by the day, Julie plans on pursuing her passion for teaching and making it go hand-in-hand with her regular business activities. She has plans chalked out for apprentices that she will be hiring, and these apprentices will have the opportunity to learn on-the-job from Julie. Uptown Funk Styling will soon have dedicated esthetics rooms and Julie plans on having someone who can take over this new department as she focuses on hairstyling. She is currently accepting resumes from licenced estheticians and looks forward to expanding her business with some extra helping hands!

Julie is hopeful about the future of her business, and she only sees it growing and expanding with time. She aspires to meet and exceed the expectations of her patrons while churning out talents estheticians through her apprenticeship program. She is thoroughly grateful for the support and loyalty of her customers and wants to continue offering exceptional service to everyone walking into her fresh new doors!

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