A Sweet Tour

A Sweet Tour

Written by JaimeKristal Lott

This is one sweet tour you need to go on tout de suite! Here are some of the best places to buy mouth-watering treats in downtown Belleville.

Forget pub crawls, Belleville has something even better: all the best places to buy mouth-watering desserts. From cakes to cookies to pastries to pies, you can find delicious treats inspired by sweets from all over the world. 

Start with lunch at L’Auberge de France to have something savoury in your stomach to ensure you do not go into sugar shock while taking this trek. They have a great bistro menu and meals-to-go for you to sit by the Moira River and pretend you are lolling by the Seine. Do not forget to check out their Parisian pastries and mousse cakes because they are not to be missed! 

Make a quick stop into Gourmet Diem to grab some artisanal chocolate you can take home for later, before continuing on to Quinte Corner Café. There you will find gluten-free and vegan Sweets of the Earth cookies, brownies, and nanaimo bars as well as keto brownies and blondies. Not to mention tasty drinks like fruit smoothies and iced lattes for those sweltering summer days. 

While sipping your smoothie swing back northward and stroll along the Riverfront Trail until you reach the bridge because Chilangos Mexican Restaurant is just there. You can order some take out for dinner with postres for your afters. From churro bites to vegan and gluten free brownies to pastel de tres leches you are in for a great dinner party with the family… or just yourself.  

Across the street is The Sweet Retreat and, if you are there on Saturday, you cannot pass up what their bakery has to offer! While they specialize in adorable hand-crafted marshmallows, their cruffins are one of their best-sellers (perfect for breakfasts, so buy a bunch) and how can anyone resist cotton candy

Should your take-our order from Chilangos not be ready (and, of course, you planned the timing that way) you must have a quick snack at Crepe Escape to tide you over until you can get home with dinner. You can have whatever combination of crepe filling your heart desires with these sugary sweet wraps. If you want something “healthy” you can fill your treat with fruits and nuts, but the s’mores option on the menu will likely be too tempting to pass up. 

If you do not have the time (or the stomach capacity) to stop at all these places in one afternoon, the good news is these eateries are open throughout the week and some even offer delivery!  

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