Pure Honey Boutique
Member Spotlight

Pure Honey Boutique

Tell Us About Your Business

Pure Honey is a women’s boutique that carries unique clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. I try to buy Canadian and North American where I can. Even our accessories and skincare products are sourced from Canadian companies.

The Pure Honey style is timeless, classic pieces that you’ll have in your closet for years. We also carry trendy, seasonal pieces for fun. Occasionally I bring in children’s and unisex clothing if they are unique and trendy.

Why Did You Choose to Open?

I bought the store because it was my favourite place to shop for years.

I had my own hair salon in Prince Edward Country for about 7 years but always wanted to open my own clothing store. I have a passion for style and entrepreneurship. I bought the store in August 2018 and re-opened it September 1st, 2018 with a few changes.

To me Pure Honey means a very curated collection of unique pieces. People come to Pure Honey because they can’t find these items anywhere else.

One of the biggest factors for me is the environment. It’s very different than a big box store. It’s more personal and tailored service that you can only find in a boutique setting.

Why Downtown Belleville?

To see downtown Belleville now after all the construction to revitalize the streets, it looks so good. I feel grateful that the store was established downtown. The opportunity came at a really good time for me. The energy down here has changed.

What's Your Favourite Thing To Do in Downtown?

Go to restaurants! Now with my business downtown we make a conscious decision to come downtown to eat and shops.

What Do People Need To Know?

You have to come in to experience the boutique. It’s a very different experience than other stores. I hope people feel the good energy and vibe in the boutique. It’s a very different experience when you’re used to shopping online or going to major retail outlets.

What Is Your Best Selling Item?

Right now, customers are coming in for wedding guest attire. At Pure Honey you’ll find something unique that you can’t get anywhere else.