Pure Honey Boutique

Pure Honey Boutique

Stories of Downtown

Pure Honey Boutique. Owner, Jessica Barclay


When visiting the businesses of Downtown Belleville you get to take in the beautiful facade of the store front, discover unique local and international products and dine on delicious food. You may catch a glimpse of the owner as they wize by, the life of a small business owner is hectic- they want to engage with the customer though they also must be the boss, the marketing expert, the cleaner, the server, the accountant and that could all be before noon! We wanted to give those business owners an opportunity to slow down for a moment and share their story. Because behind each storefront are people who had a dream and put in a whole lot of work to make it come to life. These are some of the stories of Downtown Belleville.


Jessica Barclay is the owner of Pure Honey Boutique in Downtown Belleville. Pure Honey has been an established business in the downtown core since before the summer of 2018 when Jessica acquired it. Since that time Jessica has continued to create an elevated shopping experience. She keeps the store up to date with the latest trends, choosing a limited amount of each style so that the boutique feels fresh and new every time you visit. When we spoke with Jessica about why she kept the business in the downtown core she said “There was something that just drew me here. The previous owner was located in the downtown core and it just made sense to me to stay in the beautiful location it was in. Then a few years ago I expanded and moved up the street to 279 Front Street. Overall the downtown has been a great place to be in. It is certainly nice to be a little part of the downtown community as well as watching the other restoration of buildings taking place.”


When you walk into Pure Honey Boutique you are greeted with a calm, warm feeling. From the latest trends, to body care- there is something for everyone. You can take a moment for yourself to casually pursue until you find that piece you didn’t know was missing from your life! When talking about her customers Jessica expressed “I just want to thank my customers for their support whether it be stopping in store, shopping online, telling friends and family about the store or just following along on social platforms. For any future customers… we can’t wait for you to stop in and see the store in person as well as explore our beautiful downtown and the amazing features in it.”


It was wonderful getting a chance to speak with Jessica and learn more about one of the beautiful shops of Downtown Belleville. Before we left we had to ask one last tough question, what is her favorite cafe/ restaurant downtown! “All the shops, restaurants and cafes are amazing. It is extremely hard for me to pick just one that I love the most, Tropical Blends would probably be my go-to place to eat. But I can honestly say that we have so many great options Downtown!” replied Jessica.

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