Barber Art by Anna-Lee

Barber Art by Anna-Lee

Stories of Downtown

Barber Art by Anna-Lee & Décor Amor, Inc. Co-owner, Anna-Lee Helps


When visiting the businesses of Downtown Belleville you get to take in the beautiful facade of the store front, discover unique local and international products and dine on delicious food. You may catch a glimpse of the owner as they wize by, the life of a small business owner is hectic- they want to engage with the customer though they also must be the boss, the marketing expert, the cleaner, the server, the accountant and that could all be before noon! We wanted to give those business owners an opportunity to slow down for a moment and share their story. Because behind each storefront are people who had a dream and put in a whole lot of work to make it come to life. These are some of the stories of Downtown Belleville. 


Anna-Lee Helps is the co-owner of Barber Art by Anna-Lee in Downtown Belleville. Her business may be a relatively new one, though Anna-Lee is not new to Downtown. She has found her passion and craft through barbering/styling men’s hair alongside her partner in life and business, Gary who is the owner of Décor Amor, Inc which also resides in 383 Front St, Downtown Belleville. Anna-Lee mentions “My husband, Gary, and I had the desire to combine our interests into one store, where we could both do what we love, working side by side. I get to barber and do men’s hair, and Gary creates art and beauty in the form of home decor”. Now living and owning a shop in Downtown Belleville, Anna-Lee and Gary have been welcomed with open arms; “Belleville has become home for both of us.  Gary was born in Belleville, and Ontario was home to me, despite living many other places over the years. I have loved the warm welcome we have received as new business owners downtown. We opened within a month of Frosty Bubble Bliss—our neighbouring business—and we could not have asked for a better neighbour!  All the neighbouring businesses have been wonderful to work with.” Anna-Lee expresses her love and sincerity for the surrounding businesses and customers in the district.


Anna-Lee’s shop in collaboration with her partner Gary’s artwork gives a stunning classic and robust feel when in the presence of her shop. Anna-Lee makes her shop feel like home by being open to new ideas and opportunities while valuing communication with her clients. “I love what I do. If you have struggled with your hair and just want to try something new, come on in!  Feel free to bring pictures and let’s help you love what your hair can do! I specialise in barbering, so I really don’t do women’s hair—Blush, across the street, is a great alternative if you are looking for women’s cuts and colours!” 


It was wonderful getting a chance to speak with Anna-Lee and learn more about one of the beautiful shops of Downtown Belleville. Before we left we had to ask one last intriguing question, what is her favourite cafe/ restaurant downtown! “From the time I moved back to Belleville in 2013, I have loved L’Auberge de France!  I love the food and the atmosphere. Having been to France before, it feels like returning to France—without the airfare!” replied Anna-Lee.

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