Music in the District

Music in the District

Written by JaimeKristal Lott

Please don’t stop the music! Here are some ideas to keep you musically inspired in downtown Belleville. 

A year ago people in Italy were going out on their balconies to play music while they were under lockdown, and it was so inspiring. Music connects everyone together, no matter where they are in the world, so we should always remember: don’t stop the music

Though musicians can ordinarily be found busking on Belleville’s Front Street in the summer time, that does not mean you can’t find a cozy place to play along the Riverfront Trail. Grab yourself a to-go treat from Gourmet Diem —do not forget a drink to keep those vocal cords lubricated!— and put on a prize-winning performance for the fishes. 

If you are inspired to write a song (I feel like the pandemic would lend itself well to emo), you can pop on over to Barratt’s Office Pro to grab a notebook and pens to jot down those lyrics. If you create an ode to sanitizer, please do record yourself to post on IGTV and tag @DowntownBelleville because we would really love to hear that one!

Not everyone is talented on the ukulele or with songwriting, and you are not forgotten. When you are ready to rock out, pull up your playlist on your mobile and take to the Riverfront Trail with your bike, rollerblades, or scooter. 

Should being on wheels not be your thing, then be inspired by another fun thing found in Europe: museum dance parties. Everyone heads over after hours and, after slipping on some headphones or airpods, they dance the night away to their own playlist. While such a thing is not currently possible with social distancing, it is no reason not to have a solo party. Simply pick a scenic spot and dance your heart out!


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