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Hi there! Welcome to Belleville’s Downtown District’s Member Resources section. Your one-stop for finding information related to being a member of the Belleville Downtown Improvement Area.

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Brand Standards

We love our new brand and encourage you to ‘Be a part of it.’ Please refer to our brand standards guide on the best practices when using our new brand in conjunction with your marketing efforts.

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Garbage & Recycling Collection

Keeping the Downtown District clean is an integral part of our image. Please refer to the information below to ensure that your garbage and recycling are meeting the requirements for pick-up. Thanks for your cooperation.


  • Regular garbage collection is on Tuesday and Fridays
  • Businesses can put out 8 bags of garbage on Tuesday and 8 bags on Friday
  • Each bag of garbage set out to the curb must not weigh more than 50 lbs
  • For loose bags (i.e. not in a container), a bag tag must be affixed to the bag
  • If using a container, a bag tag must be affixed to the top bag in the container (i.e. visible to the collector)
  • Disposable bags should be tightly sealed and not weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • Garbage cans or containers should be reusable galvanized metal or plastic, not more than 17 gallons (77 litres) or 75 pounds in weight, with carrying handles and a secure, watertightz lid.
  • The top item inside the container must display a current bag tag visible to the collector when he removes the lid.
  • White goods cannot be included in regular garbage pickup. Arrangements for pickup must be
  • The bag tag should be looped around the neck of the bag and have it meet at the end producing a little “flag”.
  • The City of Belleville should be displayed on one side and the bag tag number on the other side. Please do not twist the tag around the garbage bag as it appears that the tag has been split in half and the waste collector may refuse collection.


  • Recycling pickup is Friday morning (additional cardboard collection will cease as of September 2019)
  • Cardboard boxes should be closed and sealed, not more than 24″x24″x42″ in size and not weigh more than 50 pounds.
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For the collection and transport of wastes outside of the options above (for instance, organic food waste) within the region and Ontario contact these companies: