Author: Cyndi Crowder

Cyndi has lived in the Quinte region all her life. She co-authored the book “Growing up Quinte” with her father, Jack Evans, and believes firmly in the power of community.

I’ve noticed something about Moms. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been one for a while and now I get to watch my daughter and daughter-in-law putting their heart and soul (and energy and time and…) into this thing called “Motherhood.”

We put everything else first and rarely make ourselves a priority. I confess my own personal happiness has never been high on my list. This could have been a mistake on my part and I probably should have at least put it in the Top 10! But I never did.

So, instead I grab little things, snatch moments that bring me Joy. Like right now as I type away, my fluff ball cat is curled up and snoring at my feet. That just makes me happy!

My own mother gave me this adorable little saucer in my favourite colour.

I love the delicate edging, the colour, and you can’t beat a fresh egg waiting to be poached. 

There is a little treasure of a store downtown Belleville called “Boretski Gallery”

Inside you will find all sorts of frocks, frills, shiny things and jewels that span the past 100 years or so. It is filled with little bits of Joy and I don’t think there is a woman around who could not find at least one little item that brings her a moment of happiness!

Marina, the woman behind this little magical world is Marina, a creative genius who takes in all these bits and pieces and sometimes adds her own little stamp of whimsy and charm. 

She always greets me warmly and treats me like one of her treasures. I’ve bought both my Mother-in-Law dresses there for my son and daughter’s weddings.

If I’m looking for something special she quickly assesses my figure (petite, short waisted), scoots me into the little boudoir dressing room and brings me all sorts of pretty things.

“Just try them on! See how the look. If it doesn’t feel right for you then leave it!” I fall for this game of dress-up in fun clothes every time.

Marina will get calls from as far as Toronto inquiring about her store and if she’s open before they take a trip this way. 

Sometimes a fancy hat, or a pearled clutch is that little item that will bring us Joy. It doesn’t take much!

Or maybe that perfect little piece of china to use for dinner, or to display – just because!

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly and on May 26 starting at 5, there will be a “Ladies Night Out” hosted by many of the shops including Kate’s Kitchen, UpFront Gallery and Home, Tinkered Decor, Capers Restaurant and many more. These two events, bookended in May, gives us a full month to honour Moms in our lives. Let’s take them out for a special dinner, or find them a little treasure to bring them a moment of Joy. They give so much, often putting their own wants and needs on the back burner for their families. 

And if you yourself are a Mom, I know how busy you are. And maybe, like me, your own happiness is not high on your list. But I say, the month of May is for you!