Join The Hunt

April Scavenger Hunt

Come explore Downtown Belleville

April 1 – 21

Complete missions to earn points!

Earn points for a chance to win great prizes!


STEP 1. Download the free app called Goose Chase

STEP 2. Set up a quick account

STEP 3. Enter this game code to join the game: 97Z4GP

STEP 4. Complete missions each week to earn points that lead to great prizes!

Downtown Belleville is hosting an April Scavenger Hunt from April 1st – 21st. Led by Scalliwag Toys owners Stacey Kerr and Stuart Long, the Scavenger Hunt takes players through the Downtown District to explore and discover.  15 downtown businesses are participating in the Hunt, creating unique missions for players that will also include local landmarks and historical features within the district.

To play, download the free GooseChase app from Google Play or the App Store and join the game using this access code: 97Z4GP. Players complete missions to earn points that will provide multiple chances to win great prizes donated by participating businesses.

How to Play

Players select a mission to complete, and then need to do what that mission instructs them to do – for example, a mission could be to take a photo of the view from the Bridge Street Bridge. Players take that photo, submit it for the mission in the app, and then receive the respective points for completing the task. Points are tallied by the game, with a leaderboard for participants to track theirs and other participants’ progress.


Each week of the Hunt will have a winner. The winner will be the player with the most points that week. Watch out for Flash missions that can also earn you prizes. At the end of the Hunt, the top 3 players with the most overall points will be crowned the champions and win the grand prize baskets filled with items from Downtown Belleville businesses.

Safety First

All missions can be completed while maintaining social distancing and can take place anytime of day.

Missions do not require players to interact with others or enter businesses. The missions are completed through the GooseChase app so there is no contact required.

Players are reminded to stay safe by wearing a mask where necessary and maintain physical distancing while on the Hunt.

Check out how much fun it is!