Heart of Community

Heart of Community

Heart of Community District Art Project

Enjoy 1×1 art pieces throughout the Downtown District placed in various store windows. Support participating local artists by sponsoring or purchasing a 1×1 for $100. In August all sponsored pieces will be displayed together as a montage in an outdoor venue in the Downtown District.


Brought to you by: Belleville Art Association, Quinte Arts Council, Gallery 121, John M. Parrott Gallery and the Downtown District

All 1×1 pieces are $100 each, paid directly to the artist. To purchase, please email hello@downtownbelleville.ca


Little Lambs by Joan A Crawford

2020 by Lise Lindenberg

Simpler Times by Katrien Reed

Mystical Town by David Alexander

Reverberate by Sharon Bower SOLD

I Need a Pedicure by Susana Schraeder

Thumpty Dumpty Sat on his Wall Thumpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall by Myron Lasko

Snowbirds’ Salute to Belleville by Colleen English

Evening Breeze by Emily Schraeder

Zebra by Joyce Empey Smith

Music Lifts Our Spirits by Jan Coombs

Bridge to the County by Judy Torrel

I Love Downtown by Penny Thompson

You’re Here by Peter Sheppard

Which Came First by Sandra Kidd

Hope by Aidan Haley

Locust Trees by B. Noel

Burst of Sunshine by Catherine Joyce

Grass Fire by D. Morin

Quinte at Night by Dayana Porter

Spring Rose by Wendy Rayson-Kerr

A New Reaity Begins by A. Nadine Goulet

What Goes Around Comes Around by Ella Wagner

Light by Joan A. Crawford

A Monarch Butterfly #2 by Joyce Empey Smith

Flatten the Curve Together by Mary Phoenix Parker

Take by Sandi Warren Marrow

The Amoeba Dance by Sandi Warren Marrow

Change in Time by Lorraine Huebner

Heart of the City by Sarah Winn SOLD

Harmony by Terry Hart

Spirit by Terry Hart

Hope by Terry Hart

A Cup of Coffee by Carter Johnston

Big Heart by Wendy Rayson-Kerr

Puentes (Bridges) by María Moreno

Missing the Music by Margaret Ruttan

Hearts on my Sleeve by Renee Hiltz