Family Photos

Family Photos

Written by JaimeKristal Lott

Time to update those family photos. Take your photos a step further and use downtown as a backdrop for a creative afternoon.

Growing up, there is nothing a tween girl loves more than doing photoshoots with her friends. And in the age of social media, selfies became a huge phenomenon with both genders. Despite being ready for their closeup, there is not a teenager alive who enjoys being subjected to participating in those staged family photos that will eventually grace Grandma’s mantle and next year’s holiday cards. But what if you made the experience a little more interesting? 

You do not need a professional photographer for this; just get a tripod (or selfie stick) from Roluf’s plus learn how to set the timer on your camera. You may later wish to find someone to edit your images or simply try your hand at it with photoshop, but the whole point is to just have fun with your family and add a few pictures to your photo album.

The next step is to have every member of your family think of various topics. It could be history, nature, video games, whatever they can dream up. Put all of these ideas in a hat and draw one out to be the theme of your photoshoot. Then the challenge continues as each person needs to find a way to create an outfit that fits in with the theme.

Should your teens prefer to die than figure out a costume, you can alter the photography challenge to instead find locations downtown to match the theme and give everyone in your family a disposable camera (also available at Roluf’s) if they do not already have cameras of their own. There are so many interesting places to photograph on Front Street and the Riverfront Trail, plus it might spark an interest in photography to become a new hobby your family can enjoy together. 

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