District Bingo

District Bingo

Written by JaimeKristal Lott

We’ve come up with a photography challenge for all your social media-loving locals. Try these nine new things to do downtown (at a distance).

For all of our social media loving locals, we have a photography challenge for you! Below you will find nine things you can do in downtown Belleville and your task is to simply snap photos of each one. Do not forget to use #DistrictBINGO, plus tag both us (@downtownbelleville) and the business you are featuring!

  1. NEW FOOD: Order something to eat that you have never tried before
  2. MURAL SELFIE: Take a photo of yourself (or a family member) in front of a mural
  3. NEW VIEW: Photograph your favourite building from an interesting angle
  4. FAVOURITE PURCHASE: Buy something from your favourite local shop
  5. FREE CHOICE: The choice is yours, just be sure it is downtown!
  6. FAVOURITE BUSINESS: Snap a selfie in front of your favourite business
  7. NEW STORE: Buy two things from a store you have never shopped at before
  8. RIVER WALK: Take a relaxing stroll along Riverfront Trail
  9. NEW EATERY: Get some takeout from an eatery you have not tried yet


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