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Burger Revolution

Today: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
357 Front Street

Relaxed restaurant selling clever burgers, fries & poutines made with carefully sourced ingredients.

Food + Drink
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Wed 11:00AM – 8:30PM Sun Closed
Thurs 11:00AM – 8:30PM

The Reviews
  • James Leung “One look at the menu and you can tell that this restaurant is not trying to feed you some run of the mill sandwich. You have burgers with exotics from ghost pepper sauce to straight up ...”
  • Diego B “A review not regarding their food. Rather zero stars for being on the wrong side of history. It's now popular to say: Be Woke Go Broke. Small biz owners being covidiots? Not very smart! We are ...”
  • Jurrian Van der Valk “The best place for a burger and fries. Highly recommended! All burgers are locally sourced and they are juicy and very tasty. The fries were amazingly seasoned and the complimentary sauces made them perfect. One of ...”
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