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Belleville City Hall

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169 Front Street

Belleville City Hall is home to Belleville City Council and located at 169 Front Street between Macannay and Market Streets in Belleville, Ontario. Built in 1873 as town hall and market by local architect John D. Evans, the High Victorian Gothic Revival was built using limestone and red brick.

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The Reviews
  • amanda boomhour “Ticketed for parking on the street where the bylaw clearly states it is allowed as of the 15 of April And was told I was wrong receiving no assistance... The road signs and online information Clearly ...”
  • Holly T “Good for you for holding your ground against the CUPE city workers request for more. Their commercial stating how much extra they've done during the pandemic including plowing the streets (which is their regular job) is ...”
  • Toonie Guys “NB: For people who use public transportation especially international students, this is where you get to purchase bus tickets and passes.”
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