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Belleville City Hall

Today: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
169 Front Street

Belleville City Hall is home to Belleville City Council and located at 169 Front Street between Macannay and Market Streets in Belleville, Ontario. Built in 1873 as town hall and market by local architect John D. Evans, the High Victorian Gothic Revival was built using limestone and red brick.

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The Reviews
  • Bob Barrie “For Visit June, 2018. Review limited to landmark building only and not any of the municipal business which may take place here. Gorgeous 1870's structure in a Gothic revival style. Very well maintained. Do take NOTE ...”
  • Sunny Singh “Night photos of city hall belleville,ontario”
  • Terry Olmstead “Great City with Great People. Looking forward to seeing progressive change with new Mayor and Council Kindest regards, Terry Olmstead”
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