Date Night

Date Night

Written by JaimeKristal Lott

You don’t need a top hat, tie, and tails to step out with your honey! If you want to do something special for your sweetheart, this is one way to make date night unforgettable.

Over the past year, date night has been sadly lacking in variety for most of us. Take out in front of the television gets old quickly and we have all been doing that for a year now. It is past time we got creative and put a new twist on some classic outings to keep socially distanced from other lovebirds. 

To prepare for your special occasion, see if Chumleighs has any movies you have been dying to watch that you cannot find on Netflix or Disney+ (highly recommend something like Roman Holiday or High Society). Do not forget to also pick up a cd with romantic love songs or simply something you know your partner would enjoy listening to. 

Be sure to do curb-side pickup at Barber’s Flowers for their “be happy” bouquet as well as getting some sweet treats from The Sweet Retreat before heading back home to pick up your significant other. While your better half is putting the final touches on their apparel, sneak your laptop into the car (the one you ensured has a full battery by charging it all day) and head back downtown. 

Naturally you already ordered something delicious to eat for take-out from Paulo’s Italian Trattoria so it will be ready at just this moment. After collecting your food, find a spot to park the car that allows you to watch the sun setting over the lovely Moira River while dining with your date.

Once the sky has darkened sufficiently, pull out your laptop and the movie(s) you purchased for your personalized drive-in movie experience. When the credits have finished rolling, ask your date for a dance under the stars by swapping out the dvd for that cd you purchased earlier for just this romantic moment. 

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