Pedestrian Bridge in 2020

Pedestrian Bridge in 2020

The Design

The new design takes its style inspiration from the nearby vehicle bridges. With improved lighting and enhanced landscaping elements this new pedestrian bridge will be a beautiful entry into the downtown for residents and visitors.

The new bridge will be capable of accommodating pedestrians, cyclist and light service vehicles.

The addition of the viewing platform will provide a lookout for pedestrians to take in the sights of our beautiful city

Project Update

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has determined that several aquatic species listed under the Species at Risk Act may be utilizing areas close to the bridge. The project was originally schedule to start in 2019 but has been rescheduled for 2020 in an effort to find a solution to preserve the habitat of fish that have made a home close to the bridge.

The City is currently working with Department of Fisheries and Oceans in an effort to get acceptance of the City’s proposed plan to help off set any disturbance to the aquatic life in the area.

Further project details can be found on the City of Belleville website.