3 Fun Family Activities

3 Fun Family Activities

Written by JaimeKristal Lott

The weather is warming up making it the perfect time to play outdoors with the kids! Here are three fun things you can do downtown with your family. 

After hours on a computer for classes, children need to run off their excess energy, try new things, and explore nature. So, after wrangling your kids out the door, pop into Gourmet Diem to get a coffee for yourself and go adventuring.  

If your young ones are a fan of mythology and fantasy, reserve a book or two on fairytales at the Belleville Public Library (curbside pickup) or pop by Scalliwag Toys (curbside pickup and delivery options). If the day is warm, you and your children can practice can their reading skills along the water. 

For kidlets more competitive in nature, a good ol’ game of Poohsticks could be just the thing. You may remember it from The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne, which can also be found at the local library, or perhaps aware of the Poohsticks Championships that have been held on the River Thames in England for over thirty years. Though the Catharine Street Footbridge is currently closed, you could wander up the Riverfront Trail to give the game a go. 

Aside from the library, Scalliwag Toys and Happy Buddha has a few books on nature written for children, and a walk by the river is a wonderful opportunity. Make a list of likely things that can be found along the Riverfront Trail and go on a scavenger hunt. Try to find various plants, insects, birds, and —hopefully—even catching a glimpse of fish jumping in the Moira. Do not forget the most fun thing of all: watching the clouds drift by and figuring out what they are shaped like. 

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