Savour the Chill | Benjamin Lewis Chef de Cuisine | Ste. Anne’s Spa

Benjamin Lewis
Chef de Cuisine | Ste. Anne’s Spa

Benjamin Lewis, chef de cuisine at Ste Anne’s Spa in Grafton, loves food. During his twenty-five years in the hospitality industry and after an education at Stratford Chef School a focus of local sustainable and flavourful food developed. Having worked in restaurants in Toronto like Auberge de Pommier and Monsoon, Benjamin recognized the enjoyment of working in fine dining while restaurants like bistro 67 and currently at Ste Anne’s Spa the importance of providing comforting and approachable dishes all the while showcasing the natural and unfettered flavours that come from seasonal and local product.
With a philosophy of teaching versus training, Benjamin strives to coach those around him to develop not only the ability to cook but to inspire people with the beauty of a dish and the ethereal feeling one is left with eating sublime food.

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