Savoring Unity: CDC Quinte Partners with BDIA for the 20th Annual Savour the Chill Event

Savoring Unity: CDC Quinte Partners with BDIA for the 20th Annual Savour the Chill Event

The Community Development Council of Quinte (CDC Quinte) is making strides in promoting food security for Hastings and Prince Edward Counties. In a remarkable move towards fostering a united and thriving community, CDC Quinte is joining forces with the Belleville Downtown Improvement Area (BDIA) during the 20th Annual Savour the Chill event. This collaboration aims to not only celebrate culinary delights and cultural diversity but also to address the pressing issues of food insecurity and poverty in the region.

A Shared Mission:
CDC Quinte, as a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to improving access to food and enhancing the overall social well-being of the community. By implementing a range of programs and initiatives, they tackle issues like food insecurity and poverty head-on. The partnership with Savour the Chill, led by the BDIA, represents a strategic move to amplify their impact by leveraging the community’s enthusiasm for this popular event.

Savour the Chill: A Culinary Extravaganza with Purpose:
Savour the Chill has become a highly anticipated gathering in Belleville, bringing together local restaurants, food vendors, and community members. This event not only indulges participants in delicious treats and warm beverages but also serves a higher purpose by supporting charitable causes. With CDC Quinte on board, the event gains an additional layer of significance – addressing and raising awareness about food insecurity.

Donation Opportunities:
The partnership offers multiple avenues for individuals to contribute. Attendees are encouraged to bring extra change or utilize their cell phones to scan QR codes for seamless donations. Volunteers equipped with donation boxes and program information will be scattered throughout the event, making it easy for participants to get involved. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the cause.

Spreading Awareness:
The Savour the Chill event provides an ideal platform for CDC Quinte to engage with the community, share information, and raise awareness about their vital programs. Attendees can expect to learn more about the Good Food Box and Good Baby Box programs, both essential components of CDC Quinte’s mission to combat food insecurity. Through these engagements, the organization aims to foster a deeper connection with community members and like-minded organizations.

Looking Ahead:
As the Savour the Chill event unfolds, CDC Quinte is excited about the prospect of interacting with the community. By participating in this culinary celebration, they hope to showcase the importance of healthy, nourishing food for the well-being of the entire community. The partnership with BDIA and the involvement in Savour the Chill mark a significant step towards building a stronger, more resilient community.

The collaboration between CDC Quinte and BDIA during the 20th Annual Savour the Chill event is a testament to the power of community partnerships in addressing crucial issues. As attendees savour the culinary delights and cultural richness of the event, they also have the opportunity to contribute to a cause that transcends the boundaries of the dining table – fighting food insecurity and building a more united community. The event promises not only to warm hearts but also to make a lasting impact on the well-being of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.