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Gems of Wellness

Gems of Wellness
Tell Us About Your Business

At Gems of Wellness we specialize in practitioner-grade supplements and sell exclusively Nature’s Sunshine products, which offer the highest quality herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals. We work closely with our customers to choose the right supplement for their condition. We conduct a free assessment to analyze your body using a non-invasive electrodermal device (hand cradle). The assessment provides suggestions on supplements based on your body’s needs. The device works on galvanized skin response (electrodermal activity).

We also carry pure authentic essential oils (no carrier oils added), healing crystals, custom-made on location lava bead bracelets and other aromatherapy jewelry. Additional services include, Indian head massage, weight management program, foot reflexology and Reiki.

Why Did You Start the Business?

The reason we became involved and are passionate about our business is because Sandra’s child had a life threatening condition at age 2 and the doctors could not figure out the problem. Sandra started reading about Chinese herbs and went to a practitioner who was able to suggest herbs to help. Her son is now 11 years old now and hasn’t been back to the hospital.

We opened our business 3 years ago but have been downtown Belleville since May 2019. We have over 10 years experience helping people with Nature’s Sunshine products.

Why Downtown Belleville?

We chose to relocate downtown because of the central location, the ambiance of the community and the neighbourhood environment. The close proximity to the water was also appealing.

What Is Your Best Selling Item?

Supplements are our main draw. We have people come into the store not knowing much about supplements and we help them choose the right product or combination that will work for their needs.