Downtown@ Dusk Headliner: Impish Grins

Featured Retailer: Scalliwag Toys

Interview with Owners Richard and Karin Belanger

Tell us about your business:

We started off as a young children’s store (12 and under) and now we are basically an older children’s store. We sell more game and game accessories than when we first opened.

As our customers grew older, they started asking for more games and hobby items (games that have a component that could be classified as a hobby such as painting or assembly).

We provide a free, safe space for gamers to come and play group games. No purchases necessary but we do have snacks and pop available that gamers usually end up purchasing throughout their games.

Certain days of the week have become the province of certain games. For example, Wednesday afternoons and evenings are taken over by Dungeons and Dragons, which brings in 30 – 50 people. Fridays are taken up by a card game called Magic The Gathering with 20-30 people.

If someone wants to come in and play, come and speak with us and we will make the connection to the groups.

When did you open your store?

We opened the store in 1985 with the focus on children’s toys. We wanted to be a destination for kids toys. We also carried a small collection of children books. It was about 15 years ago that we added games to the assortment.

We are currently in our 3rd downtown location. Each move we doubled our square footage. 

What do you want your customers to know about your business?

If there’s something that you’re looking for and we don’t normally carry it we will try to special order it on request. We’re always happy to try.

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