Downtown@ Dusk Headliner: Impish Grins

Faces of Downtown: Bill Robertson

We’d like to wish a happy birthday to Bill Robertson this week! Bill turned 98 years young on June 13th. Bill resides in the downtown core and is a familiar face on the sidewalks as he walks every day from the top of Front to the bottom and back.

Bill is a WWII veteran and a survivor of an emergency jump out of downed plane in the second World War. He spent the final months of the war in hiding in Belgium. His parents were told he was missing in action and lived for many months waiting to see if their 23 year old boy would surface – and he eventually did. He has written a book about his life in the war that talks about his experience.

Bill is a friend to many, especially in the downtown community saying hello and supporting the local businesses. Happy Birthday Bill! We are so glad to know you!