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Savour The Chill

Belleville Downtown District BIA
Savour The Chill

Get your Toonies ready! On Saturday, February 22 downtown Belleville will host the 17th annual Savour The Chill soup tasting contest.

Come Savour the Chill. . .

As Canadians we love to find reasons to celebrate the harsh climate we live in, and by the end of February cabin fever has set in for many. Savour the Chill gives the community a reason to bundle up and attend an event where they rub shoulders with neighbours while igniting the foodie within.

The event begins at noon and goes until soup runs out!

Things to remember:

  • Save your Toonies! Soup Samples are $2 each (4 oz)
  • Bring your own spoon and be kind to our earth
  • Vote online for your favourite soup on the day
  • Dress for the weather! Soup’s on no matter the weather

The Soup!


Toro Sushi: Moo Gook, a Korean Radish Soup (shellfish-free and dairy-free, but contains gluten and beef)

Focus Coffee Bar: Loaded Bake Potato Soup

Chilangos: Black bean Mayan soup (vegan and vegetarian friendly)

The Lark:  “One Fell Soup” (gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and it does not have shellfish)

Capers: Smoked turkey bacon corn chowder, finished with smoked cheddar puff pastry (gluten-free⁠)

Bourbon Street Pizza: Tomato Beef Tortellini (no Peanuts, no Sesame, no Soy, no Fish, no Shellfish)

Modern Café: Won Ton soup. Delicious ground pork dumplings and BBQ pork in a chicken broth.⁠

Mr. Zed’s: Chicken Rice soup with egg lemon sauce

Jim’s Pizzeria: Italian minestrone soup

L’auberge de France: Irish Ale Potato Cheddar

Cafe E: Creamy Carrot & Pumpkin with Coconut Cream (vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, shellfish-free, dairy-free)

Bourbon & Bean Handshake Society: Black Velvet soup with goat cheese and gremolata (vegetarian, gluten-free, no shellfish)

Gourmet Diem: Thai curry soup  (vegan and gluten-free)

Earl & Angelo’s: Vegan Tom Yum topped with cilantro & spicy oil and crispy leeks

Paulo’s & Dinkel’s: Fresh green bean and mint soup with creme fraiche

Sans Souci: Beef heart stew (gluten-free, no dairy)

The 116 Bistro: TBD

The Contest

Downtown Belleville restaurants compete for 2 separate awards.


This award is voted by you! Soup samples cost only a toonie each. Try as many as you’d like and vote for your favourite! Favourite soups can be submitted online from any mobile device or there will be an iPad available at the BDIA office.


This award is chosen by a panel of qualified judges that sample all the soups and rate them based on taste, presentation and creativity.

Savour the Chill Rules & Regulations

The Judges

This year’s lineup of judges includes: Carson Arthur, landscape designer and television personality; Matt DeMille, local chef and business owner; Ashleigh Harvey, mid-morning show host on MIX97; Jill Raycroft, CEO of The Belleville Chamber of Commerce; and Greg Teal, local food enthusiast. Each judge brings their own style and taste to the group.

Carson Arthur

Carson is a landscape designer and television personality with several shows that can be seen all around the world. He is a tv mainstay as part of the North American Cityline team. Carson also writes a column for the Halifax Chronicle Herald, the Sun media group including the Toronto Sun about outdoor design and appears regularly in a variety of magazines with guest articles. He’s also the author of the sold out book Garden Designs for Outdoor Living and has a new book for 2019 called Vegetables, Chickens and Bees.

Matt DeMille

Matt has completed stints at renowned restaurants LeSelect Bistro, Enoteca Sociale and Parts & Labour, where he grew creatively and honed his love for Canadian-inspired comfort food. In the late summer of 2014 he opened the widely acclaimed Drake Devonshire Inn, snagging a spot on Canada’s Best Restaurants List, 2016.  In 2017 he launched a boutique catering and private dining program that brings the best of Hastings and Prince Edward County food and wine to the discerning diner.

Ashleigh Harvey

Ashleigh is a graduate of the Radio Broadcasting program at Loyalist College. Originally from the Kingston area she moved to Belleville with her husband. The Mom of two and former nurse, always had a passion for radio and marketing and when she turned 30 she went back to pursue that passion! She now is the Promotions Coordinator at Quinte Broadcasting and Mid-Morning show host on MIX97.

Jill Raycroft

CEO of The Belleville Chamber of Commerce

As a regular consumer of tuna, KD and other noodle variations in bags, Jill’s culinary adventures didn’t begin until she had a real job and someone to cook for…  those first attempts somehow all ended up as soup – whether it was meant to be lasagna or banana cream pie – so she may have a greater appreciation than most what soup can be! Soup remains a favourite meal and she loves exploring real chef’s inspirations with the hope of recreating them at home. 

Greg Teal

To be able to cook and share food with others has always given Greg great pleasure. He has been fortunate to be able to volunteer his time and skill with local charities and galas over the years. He was proud to conceive, prepare, cook and present gourmet dinners for the recipients of the Live Auctions in support of Quinte Arts Council and BGH which raised thousands of dollars.