Signature Event

Savour The Chill

February 22 at 12:00 PM
Belleville Downtown District BIA
Savour The Chill

Get your Toonies ready! On Saturday, February 22 downtown Belleville will host the 17th annual Savour The Chill soup tasting contest.

Come Savour the Chill. . .

As Canadians we love to find reasons to celebrate the harsh climate we live in, and by the end of February cabin fever has set in for many. Savour the Chill gives the community a reason to bundle up and attend an event where they rub shoulders with neighbours while igniting the foodie within.

The event begins at noon and goes until soup runs out!

Things to remember:

  • Save your Toonies! Soup Samples are $2 each (4 oz)
  • Bring your own spoon and be kind to our earth
  • Vote online for your favourite soup on the day
  • Dress for the weather! Soup’s on no matter the weather

The Contest . . .

Downtown Belleville restaurants compete for 2 separate awards.


This award is voted by you! Soup samples cost only a toonie each. Try as many as you’d like and vote for your favourite! Favourite soups can be submitted online from any mobile device or there will be an iPad available at the BDIA office.


This award is chosen by a panel of qualified judges that sample all the soups and rate them based on taste, presentation and creativity.

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Sat Feb 2212:00PM - 3:00PMGet Tickets