Golden Squat Spooky Forest Speed Painting

Golden Squat Spooky Forest Speed Painting

October 17 at 11:00 AM
Scalliwag ToysScalliwag Toys
302 Front Street
Come join Scalliwag Toys for a fun competition for mostly bragging rights and some little prizes! We’ve got a bunch of Sylvaneth Dryads that need to be painted so we can put them into a very spooky diorama and we want YOU to paint them. We will provide the miniature – assembled and based with wraithbone primer – and all you need to do is bring your paints and brushes to paint the Dyrad in the coolest way to meet our theme as you can.
What theme you ask? Only the best Halloween theme possible: a spooky, enchanted forest! Feel free to really express yourself in your painting and bring the theme home.
There is no entry fee or cost to this event other than the supplies you choose to use to paint the miniature. The event will start at 11:00am (and run until 2pm) and if we have more than 12 people signed up we will create a second event in the afternoon for 3:00pm with a whole new batch of Dryads. We have paint pots, discontinued miniatures, and some other give away items, with the best painted miniature (to be determined by Scalliwag Toys) winning the ultimate bragging rights and some fancy swag.
– adding additional elements (little pumpkins, skulls, etc) is permitted but remember that in the end this is a painting competition.
– experimentation is always encouraged, you can use any paints you want (acrylics, enamels, nail polish, inks, etc are all legal)
– Scalliwag Toys will provide water cups and paper towel to each paint station
– sportsmanlike conduct is always required, this is for fun!
– Pending the age groups of participants, prizing will occur for a youth group as well as adults
– all COVID-19 health unit rules and corresponding Scalliwag Toy rules will apply
– miniatures will be labelled and the painter will be tracked for future reference.

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