Discover The District

There is so much to do and see in the Downtown District. Wide streets lined with historic buildings (many of them restored to their original beauty), cozy coffee shops, and specialty retail stores will keep you busy. Looking for a bite to eat? Choose from over 20 restaurants – French, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Fusion, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and more. All within easy walking distance of the main street.

Discover The District

Find the flavours of Mexico City in downtown Belleville at Chilangos, a family-run eatery offering authentic, fresh Mexican cuisine.

Food & Drink

When it comes to food and drink, the Downtown District offers a number of truly authentic experiences. From Sans Souci, who has been serving the Quinte Region for many years, to L’Auberge de France offering a little piece of Paris with freshly baked croissants every Saturday morning – there is always something cooking in the Downtown District. In the summertime, patios are plentiful. Dinkel’s hidden courtyard patio is like stepping into Europe, while others, such as the Lark patio, have a more urban feel.

There is also a healthy coffee culture in the Downtown District, with close to ten places to cozy up with a cup of java or tea. Centrally located, you will find Quinte Corner Cafe and Gourmet Diem near the four corners at Bridge and Front streets. The Brake Room and The 116 Bistro are located at the southern gateway to downtown, over on Pinnacle. On your way uptown, there is L’Auberge de France, specializing in traditional French coffees.


Arts & Entertainment

Arts and entertainment are a staple of the downtown experience, with many live theatre and music events to choose from. The Downtown District is the hub of the Quinte Region’s music and theatre scene. Most Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights you can find a restaurant or bar promoting local musicians, or an award-winning film being screened in the historic Empire Theatre. If you enjoy live theatre, check out what’s going on at the Pinnacle Theatre. There are also several art galleries within easy walking distance from each other – making for a pleasant gallery stroll.

Get Out & Explore

We are fortunate to have picturesque riverside walking and biking trails on the edge of the Downtown District. The Moira River is a sight to see in the early spring when it roars down from the north. Later in the summer, the river calms down and lazily makes its way to the Bay of Quinte.

We have three specialty bike shops in the Downtown District that can help you with all of your cycling needs. Our downtown trails link to a more extensive system, which includes over 10km of paved trails spread throughout the city. This area is relatively flat, making the trails easy to navigate.


Shops & Boutiques

Over 40 shops and boutiques call the Downtown District home. Many of them are owner-operated, ensuring high attention to customer service and detail. Our diverse shops provide everything from men’s and women’s clothing to home decor to handmade jewelry. We also have floral boutiques, artisanal popups, and stores dedicated to health and wellness.

Fitness & Wellness

From boxing to yoga and everything in between, there are so many ways to stay fit in The District. Visit our directory to discover the many fitness and wellness businesses you can find downtown.




If you’re in the mood for relaxation and pampering, you’re in luck — downtown Belleville is home to some of the best stylists in the region (award-winning in fact!)