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She’s High On Vibes

1 Bridge Street East Suite 200

Welcome! I am an indigenous multi disciplinary artist and a clarity and confidence coach.

Encouraging Wellness
Stop living in default and start living on purpose

She’s High On Vibes is a creative Art, Meditation and Movement studio.

Where we focus on child like play, intuition, imagination, authenticity, and finding our Joy!

It is a place to connect with self….
self love, self acceptance, self worth, self healing, self confidence, self awareness, self care, and self expression!

A place that guides you to recognize and utilize your own super powers by offering opportunity to clear and balance your energy body in order to encourage clarity in mind, body and spirit, in a safe and brave environment, with no judgement, no comparison and no expectations.

For anyone ready to take control of their lives, and start living on Purpose so they can Manifest the life they desire

Creativity goes beyond being an artist..

We are constantly co creating with every person, place and thing.. with every animal and every plant, with the earth , the moon, the sun and the stars.

We are Creators and our Energy is everything!

You are worthy of a life you love, and She’s High On Vibes is here to cheer you on!

She’s High On Vibes is actively creating Indigenized spaces in the community while working with other indigenous artists, creators, and knowledge keepers. This studio space is dedicated to promoting, advertising, selling and sharing space with other indigenous entrepreneurs.

This space also proudly supports diversity and inclusion through collaboration with the BIPOC+ community.

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